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VXDiscovery - your eDiscovery Portal

Everything eDiscovery, all in one place

Preserve, collect, review, and exchange information in electronic formats for the purpose of using it as evidence. Costs and complexity of eDiscovery from Data Collection, through Data Transfer, Information Processing, Case Assessments, Document Review and Exchange or Production to Case Termination becomes easier using VXDiscovery. It solves the scale and performance problems for simple to very large cases.

Low Cost. High Efficiency. Case Focused


Scale from a Small to Large Cases

Support millions of documents in your integrated team. Setup users, load documents with both Self Service to Full Service Support. 


Best In Class Experience

Point & Click automations in tasks & workflows, extremely intuitive user experience. High performance. Follow the Sun User & Technical Support 24x7.

Managed Services and Cloud SaaS for AI eDiscovery

Enhance your LegalTech Services & Capabilities with this AI Driven eDiscovery Managed Services. Its a convenient self & outside counsel review, annotations, search, meta data tagging, and much more to prepare for your Discovery motions. 


Significant feature set

  1. Convenient self & outside counsel review

  2. Annotations, search, meta data tagging, and much more

  3. Preparation assistance for your Discovery motion

  4. Easy Onboarding for users

  5. Self and Full Service Setup for data and Case Files

  6. Follow the Sun User and Technical Support

A Seamless Workflow Experience

Assisted, Full Service and Self Service Data Load & Document Transfer, Case Assessments, Document Reviews and Exchange or Production. Very Easy & Seamless.


Work with confidential & sensitive data

Redact content. Protect PII. Address privacy. Work with images.

Extremely Fast Search & Selection of Content

Contextual search across Millions of files, Categories Content, Tag & Search Notes, Prepare for Review.

Contextual Tagging & Collaboration

Search & Review documents based on context. Create Annotations. Collaborate withing the App with team to prepare better.

GPT 4 & AI Makes your Review & Prep Faster & Productive


Define and Forget Intent Searches across 100s of Millions of Documents. The AI Assistant seaches, classifies and reports back the data to you while you are offline for your review.


The AI Assistance of VXDiscovery reduces time taken in review and production of documents. Real Time Performance Monitoring, Drill Down Dashboarding or your Workflows, Assistance in Invoicing & control.

AI & GPT 4 Driven Insights, Analysis, Workflow Automation


Design and implement out of the box automations for exchange of information among clients, attorneys and within the legal team. The AI Assistant can sense and act on notations and create alerts between client and legal teams. 

Document classification, preparation of data files, correlation and document numbering, automatic contextual search and report for review and quality controls are some of the hard benefits that reduces legal fee for the clients, increases productivity for legal team specifically who are working on fixed fee service basis.

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